Calm and collected, Alexandros appears shy at first. But you will be surprised by his humour, kindness and compassion once he becomes your friend. His love for beauty & aesthetics is what makes him standout.



Kind, thoughtful and beautiful inside and out, Flora has a deep love for all things aesthetics. From organizing brunches, dinners and parties, to decorating her space, Flora creates spaces that reflect her own beauty.


A love story

It all began with a carnival party thrown by our mutual friends during high school. That night, Alexandros donned the costume of “Patronos,” and Flora playfully saved his phone number as “Patronos.” Little did they know that this playful moment would mark the beginning of an extraordinary journey together.

Throughout the party, laughter and jokes flowed effortlessly between them, forging a new friendship that would last nearly two years. Then, they bumped into each other at school and shared good times at common gatherings. As high school came to an end, they continued to stay in touch through MSN, though less frequently.

Then one day, fate intervened through a Facebook post, reigniting their conversation. Alexandros took the chance to invite Flora to a club party. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it to the party, leaving her with regret. Determined to reconnect, Flora searched for Alexandros’ phone number, unaware that she had already saved it as “Patronos” two years ago. With the help of a common friend, she found the number and reached out to express her regret for missing the event.

It was a heartwarming surprise for Alexandros to receive her message, and without hesitation, they both agreed to meet again


The beginning of a beautiful relationship

Our paths crossed once more, this time at a small local park, where we shared our first heart-to-heart conversation. Time seemed to stand still as we delved into each other’s worlds, discovering common interests and dreams that seemed destined to intertwine.

From that moment on, we found ourselves spending more time together, going on casual dates and exploring the city’s hidden gems hand in hand. The more we got to know each other, the more we realized that we were meant to be inseparable.

And so, on that beautiful day, the 9th of May in 2010, we decided to make it official and embrace this incredible journey of love together.


Celebrating love each day

Since then, our lives have been filled with countless shared moments, laughter, and unwavering support.

We have grown together, celebrated each other’s successes, and held each other close through life’s trials. Our love has flourished, becoming the cornerstone of our happiness and strength.

As we stand on the verge of forever, we are grateful for the chance encounter at that friendly party, for the missed club party, and for the decision to meet again. These moments have woven our love story into a tapestry of joy and commitment.

Now, as we embark on the next chapter of our lives, we eagerly await the future with hearts full of love, hope, and the knowledge that our love story is one of serendipity and boundless love.



We both share a passion for embarking on culinary adventures and exploring diverse cuisines and food joints. Whether it’s savoring the delights of local street food or indulging in the offerings of fancy restaurants, we’re always eager to try something new together. During our stay in New York, we embarked on a delightful mission to sample all the delightful ice creams (and not only) Soho had to offer. In just three hours, we managed to savor the flavors of three different ice creams, creating sweet memories that will last a lifetime.


Wanderlust runs through our veins. We’ve traveled to numerous countries together, and our bucket list keeps growing with every trip we take.


Our fur babies are an essential part of our lives. We have Casey, Sisi and our little babe Pispis who bring us endless joy and cuddles.


Movie nights are a cherished tradition in our household. From the latest blockbusters to timeless classics, there’s nothing better than snuggling up together and creating our own cozy home cinema experience. It’s incredible how well-versed Alexandros is in the world of movies – name any film, and he’s almost certain to have watched it already. His passion for films adds an extra layer of enjoyment to our movie nights, making them even more special and memorable.


Many of you already know that Flora has an undying passion for photography, and it’s heartwarming to see how Alexandros has embraced and supported that passion wholeheartedly. He eagerly embraces every extraordinary idea she has during their trips (and even beyond). In each new city they visit, he willingly rises with the sun to capture mesmerizing shots at various landmarks. Flora can’t help but suspect that deep down, photography has secretly become a passion he cherishes too.


MEMORIESThe Proposal

Have a look at the timeless moments of our wedding romance. Our photos are better than anything we could have hoped for.